Your Appointment

To make an appointment, you can:

  • call WELARC at 204-943-5387 and leave a clear message with your name, phone number, and reason for calling

  • email and include your name, phone number, and reason for emailing

We will return your phone call or email as soon as possible.

Check in at the Reception Desk and relax in the waiting room.

(You will also wait here for your results.)

To check in, you must bring:

  • Your immigration document (landing paper, CoPR, PR card or a CUAET work permit)

  • Your health card (or something with your address)

Take your reading and writing tests in the testing room.

(For the French test, you may also take your listening here.)

Your speaking test and referral (where you discuss results and school) will be one on one in an assessor’s office.

Test parts may take up to 1 hour and 45 minutes.

There may be some waiting - up to one hour.

The referral may take up to 20 minutes. (This is when your assessor will talk to you about your results (your CLB level) and refer you to the language classes that are right for you.)

Referral Appointments

You may need to come to WELARC for a referral ONLY.

These appointments last about 20 minutes. During a referral appointment, you do not take a test.

You will speak to an assessor about your language learning needs.

You will need a referral appointment if:

  • you took a test recently and you need to choose your language school or change to a different school

  • you received a LINC Certificate and a Progress Report from your school and would like to change schools

  • you moved to a different area or if your schedule has changed and you need to change schools

If you need a new referral, you can contact us to make an appointment.