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WELARC became Winnipeg's centralized language assessment office in 2007 as part of an overall immigration strategy initiated by the Government of Manitoba. Since April 2013, WELARC has been funded by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) (formerly Citizenship and Immigration Canada).

WELARC assessors know that language is the foundation for making informed decisions about education, career, and life. They also know that language is not just about words and grammar; good language skills are crucial for effective communication. With good communication skills, a person can have more opportunities in their personal and professional life.

About Our Staff

The Assessment Team

Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) assessors must have provincial teaching qualifications in English, French or EAL and at least 300 hours of experience teaching English as an Additional Language to adults. All assessors have participated in professional development in the theory and practice of second language teaching and completed EAL assessment training. Assessors are certified with the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks.

An assessor:

  • Provides language assessment for adult immigrants

  • Provides feedback based on the results of the assessment

  • Makes referrals to the appropriate adult EAL/EFL programs, community resources, and educational services

  • Makes referrals to settlement and employment assistance when necessary

Luigi Tummillo,

Executive Director

Vera Bestauros,

Office Manager

Jennifer Stadtmiller,

Head Assessor

Diantee Louer,

Language Assessor

Desirae Mercer,

Language Assessor

Shelley Bates,

Language Assessor

Joanne Enns,

Language Assessor

Marie-Christine Dauriac,

Language Assessor

Corrina Loewen,

Language Assessor

Sofiya Volosozhar,

Language Assessor

Aurelie Joly,

Language Assessor

Elizabeth Hanes,

Language Assessor

Vanessa Gurr,

Language Assessor

Wendy Scott,

Administrative Assistant

Neima Houssein,

Administrative Assistant

Ashley MacLennan,

Administrative Assistant